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Family Law

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. We can help guide you through the process, and provide knowledgeable counsel.

Dividing the marital property is never easy. But when spouses have been married for many years, have many assets, or own family businesses, marital property division can be complex.

Many people find, upon separation, that they are in a difficult position because the other spouse’s income or earning capacity far exceeds their income. The cost of maintaining two separate households is, naturally, higher than the cost of maintaining the marital household.

If you and your spouse are considering divorce but wish to do so quietly, privately, and quickly, there is an alternative to getting the court system involved.

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Formation of a marital agreement, either prior to a marriage or during a marriage, can take the financial guesswork and uncertainty out of an otherwise healthy marriage.

When a marriage ends, child custody can be one of the hardest issues to work out. Unmarried parents may also face child custody issues.

Either you or the other parent may be required to pay child support. Or, sometimes a parent wishes to relocate with a child. 

Grandparents, Stepparents, and other third parties may have rights to see children as well.

While thinking about wills, and estate planning can be painful because they are designed to support family members after your death, it’s important to plan for tomorrow so you can have peace of mind today.

Appeal are possible for both criminal and civil cases.

We will handle an appeal case after a party loses or is unhappy with some part of the decision made by the court. Our experienced appeal attorneys will take on various aspects of an appeal including preparation for your trial, editing briefs and preparing arguments.